Farewell to Retiring Teachers

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Capital High will be losing many great teachers when school gets out this year. I interviewed three wonderful ladies who will be greatly missed.

How many years have you been teaching?
Mrs. Barbie-Rice – almost 40
Mrs. Wood – 19
Mrs. Schulz – 25 1/2
What are you going to miss most?
Mrs. Barbie-Rice: The students, and the expressions on their faces after doing amazing artwork.
Mrs. Wood: The students. But I will come back to sub so I can see the kids.
Mrs. Schulz: Laughing with the kids.
What are you planning on doing now that you have more free time?
Mrs. Barbie-Rice: Work more on my art and become an artist.
Mrs. Wood: Spending time outdoors, traveling, painting, and gardening.
Mrs. Schulz: Skiing and golfing.
What is the funniest thing that happened to you at CHS?
Mrs. Barbie-Rice: I told my students to put paper towels under their hands, but they wrapped it all the way around, and used masking tape to hold it, covering the palm of their hands which they needed to use.
Mrs. Wood: Some students asked me to help them with the ‘Feat of Strength.’ I let them into Mr. Partridge’s room, and they shut the door and put a wall of bricks up against the door.  When he went to open his door, he faced a wall of bricks.
Mrs. Schulz: One day I came to school with a new haircut. It was a mullet. It was funny to see all the students’ faces.
What is the most embarrassing thing that happened here at CHS?
Mrs. Barbie-Rice: One day, I was wearing candy smelling perfume and I forcefully asked the class who was eating chocolate. Then I realized that it was my perfume.
Mrs. Wood: I wanted to give a speech about organisms, but when I said the word, it came out completely wrong. That caught the attention of many of my students.
Mrs. Schulz: Our choir was performing in Seattle and the stage we were performing on had a hole that I didn’t know about, and my high heel got caught in it, and I almost fell. There were also judges watching us at the time.
What motivated you to start teaching in the first place?
Mrs. Barbie-Rice – My passion for artwork, and teaching it.
Mrs. Wood -
Mrs. Schulz – I wanted everyone to enjoy singing as much as I do.

Graduationg Seniors Give Advice to Incoming Freshman



Bliss Collins: Plan for college everyday!
Robert Kelly: Keep moving in the halls!
Khayson Lytle: Don’t be intimidated by upperclassmen.
Tanner Ladd: Don’t be afraid to take chances.
Joseph Piasecki: Get involved; join a club.
Rachel Lunday: Establish your post-graduation plans, and schedule your classes accordingly.
Christine Lezarus: Start looking into colleges.
Rylie Warren: Don’t be afraid!
Sharæ Gloege: Don’t clog the halls!
Hannah Mondy: Try new things; you may like them!
April Kortz: Keep a positive outlook.
Myles O’Reilly: Find a way out.
Jordin Skinner: Stay confident!
Brandon Hudyma: Friendship for life!
Charlie McFadden: Keep your friends near.
Tom Wilson: Don’t smoke in the parking lot!
Chad Beley: Be polite and respectful to others’ individuality.

Outdated Dress Code

Well the sun’s out again, and all this nice weather has students at Capital High breaking out the summer clothes! With that in mind, Capital High has a dress code that is enforced throughout the school. The handbook says “Students shall wear appropriate clothing, which is not of a distracting nature. Overly revealing apparel including, but not limited to, bare midriffs low and revealing necklines, mesh tops, low riding pants, shirts without sides, and dresses and tops which are intended as undergarments shall not be worn in school.” Some of these rules may seem a little too strict. And in my opinion they are.
Why is a girl’s shoulder distracting? The only thing that a spaghetti strap tank top reveals that a T-shirt doesn’t is a shoulder. Making girls change what they wear because “boys will be boys” is incredibly unfair and some people consider that a dress code promotes rape culture in telling girls to change the way they look so boys are not “distracted” or “tempted.”
The no hat policy is also very outdated; hats should be allowed in school as long as they are not a distraction. That doesn’t mean bring a sombrero to English class. Those beanies girls wear are cute and aren’t distracting. Administrators find it hard to have a consistent rule. Mr. Zanto says “it’s hard with the changing fashions.”  So school dress code should be re-looked at, and our hat policy should be rethought and most hats should be accepted in the school during regular hours.

Get Shot (s)

According to FOX News, more and more people and their children each year are not getting vaccinations for various reasons: paranoia, distrust, fear of autism and/or mental dulling.
Let’s list off three reasons that favor vaccination, now that my remark has caught your attention. Before you ask, no, I didn’t do a whole lot of research; if the anti-vaccine people don’t, then I won’t either. In order to catch a rabbit, you have to think like a rabbit.
First and foremost, the Center for Disease Control lists a number of diseases you can get by refusing vaccinations, up to and including smallpox, polio, influenza, typhoid fever, tuberculosis, yellow fever, diphtheria, anthrax, rabies, and Lyme disease – oh wait, anti-vaccine activists managed to get that pulled from the U.S..
Second, many members of the anti-vaccine movement obtain information from inaccurate sources – blogs, websites, podcasts, and testimonies from themselves, other movement members and people who are unqualified from bearing any valid medical authority. These people do not/will not do any research because they don’t accept the wisdom of the mainstream medical community.
Get your information from WebMD or the Center for Disease Control; don’t fall for any of what the anti-vaccine crowd has to say. There’s more evidence that Sonic the Hedgehog causes autism than vaccinations.
In fact, under the court cases Jacobson v. Massachusetts and Prince v. Massachusetts, compulsory and involuntary vaccinations for the sake of public health are constitutional. By refusing vaccinations, you are putting yourself, your family and relatives, and others at risk.
Go out and get your shots. It’s quick, painless, and it’s not going to kill you or rot your brain.

Nuclear Weapon Control



Although nuclear weapons used to be deterrents, they have become nothing but a burden in what is called the “free world.”  The idea behind nuclear weapons was to deter and prevent war.  However, now that many countries possess these types of weapons, it only increases the risk level.  It is assumed that eight countries have successfully created nuclear weapons.  While the U.S., Russia, United Kingdom France and China all have ceded their authority on the rules regarding nuclear weapons, India, Pakistan, North Korea and Israel are yet to be under regulation.  The danger of nuclear weapons is unforeseen.  It is amazing that during the fall of Soviet Union, no nukes were launched.  In my opinion, the only way to truly have countries at peace is to get rid of all weapons of mass destruction.

Gay Marraige

gaymarriageGay marriage, like many other topics such as religion or politics, is a very touchy subject to debate, but opinions are opinions, so I will keep it at that.  In my opinion, I think that if we are going to call ourselves the country of the free, people should be allowed to love who they want to love. It should not be allowed for people to be discriminated against for being who they are.  Gay marriage should be allowed, and people should be allowed to express their love no matter what gender.  Some people, thankfully not most, believe everyone should be straight.There is no problem with being straight, but don’t take away other peoples’ rights. That just spoils the fun. Until next time, I bid you all farewell.

Online vs Public School

Throughout the last decade of technological advancements, we have started seeing online colleges and schools become more of a trend.  Believe it or not, many people actually go to school online, but the benefits may not be the same as actually going to school.  Going to a school in person helps kids develop important social skills they will most definitely use later in life.  Physical schools also allow the student to have more of a personal connection with their teachers and other adults than digital schools do.  Online schools might also not have the added benefits of three dimensional schools such as school counselors or a school police officer.  Online schools do have benefits of their own, but I feel it is still a bit early to start signing up the younger generation to these schools.

School Closing Must Be Done

IMG_20140528_071222 (1)


In my opinion, school closings are a much needed change.  The majority of the Helena population with children lives in the valley, so it would make sense to build a middle school in the valley.  Superintendent Kultgen has proposed closing Jefferson, Hawthorne, Bryant, Ray Bjork and Front Street in order to fund new endeavors.  By closing these schools, the district will now have the necessary funding required to build or expand schools in the valley.  Opponents to the closings say that the district cannot close their neighborhood schools.  Parents argue that the closing of schools will take away their ability to walk to school and to have a school nearby.  The superintendent proposes slowly moving kids out of the schools he has suggested closing.

Ukraine Update

In the port city of Odessa, Ukraine, the police released 67 arrested Russian supporters on May 4th.  According to the BBC, on May 2nd, fighting broke out in the streets of Odessa which lead to the deaths of 38 Russian supporters and the arrest of another 67.  The Russian supporters who died had holed themselves up in a trade union building when a fire broke out on the third floor.  Some of the people were saved from the burning building, but 38 people died from burns, suffocation, or jumping to their deaths.  Two days later, hundreds of Russian supporters surrounded the police station and demanded that the police release those who were arrested two days earlier.  The protest started out peacefully, but it quickly turned violent.  Russian supporters broke the windows of the police station and tried to force the gate open.  To appease the mob, the police decide to release the prisoners.  The prosecutor’s office in Kiev accused the police of disregarding their duty.  The prosecutor’s office stated that they had no say in the order to release the prisoners.

The Vigilante Parade



The Vigilante Parade is a parade held every year on the first Friday of May on the walking mall. The parade began when the classes of Helena High School would have bloody fights by the flag pole, marking it as their school. The fights would be gruesome, sometimes ending in broken noses and minor injuries.
This year’s parade lasted roughly 1 ½ hours, and tons of awesome floats were incorporated into the parade. Nearly 50% of Capital and Helena High School students participated in the parade, making more than 100 floats, and more importantly a fun time for all of Helena. The winners of the parade have been released:

The grand champion: McDonald Pass Airway Beacon

Most Historically Authentic: Frontier Town

American Indian: Colter’s Run and Madison Buffalo Jump

Historic Helena: Race to the Sky, The Original Governor’s Mansion and Archie Bray Foundation

Pioneer Life: Great Divide Ski Hill and Revolutionary Women

Helena Business: Drive-In Theaters-Sky Hi, Morrison Flying Service and Grandstreet Ghost

Famous People: Montana Women’s Commemorative Mural and Myrna Loy

Mining and Transportation: Helena Street railway and the Assay Building

Antique Vehicle: 1970 Fire Truck and ’65 Pontiac GTO