A Winter Wonderland

      That time of the year is coming up when we can stay inside and drink hot chocolate. That time of year is winter, and with winter comes with the time for families to get together and have fun. There are many activities to do when there is snow on the ground. You can do anything from protecting your snow fort from evil doers, to having a fun day on the mountain with friends, even cuddling up with a blanket next to the fireplace. Just because it’s cold doesn’t mean that the fun has to stop.  Countless things can be done when it’s cold, inside and outside.
    The snow is a wonderful thing. No two snowflakes are alike. When there is a chance to play in the snow, kids go crazy! They can’t wait for those perfect winter days when it’s warm but there is enough snow for a snowball fight. It’s not just for the kids; all ages can be excited for snow. Also, several holidays are around that time.  This includes Thanksgiving and Christmas.
    Families get together around these holidays because that is what they are all about. This time of year is a favorite to many. It’s these holidays that we remember and cherish as we get old. Luckily, they come every year in this winter wonderland.

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