Senior Wall

The senior wall is a place that seniors and some juniors stand and hang out during the passing of periods. It is by the drinking fountain on the main floor. Our own Mrs. Kidders believes that it has turned into a popular place over time to hang out and chat. This year is said to be a lot less crowded than it normally is it is not too congested. It is believed that the senior wall will continue for many years. Also every once in a while Mrs. Kidders stops by every once in a while to chat. The seniors don’t seem to mind and they just stay there till the one minute bell rings then head to class and from what I hear there are no complaints from any teachers. The senior wall is a mystery but no one knows how the senior wall started. But we’re glad it’s here and it’s here to stay. So next time you are walking by the Senior Wall make sure that you say hello to the seniors chatting.

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