Does bullying go on at Capital? It absolutely does. I had the opportunity to interview Ms. York and Mr. Pancich as well as a couple students who wish to keep their identity anonymous about the bullying at Capital high. I asked them to tell me about the bullying that goes on at Capital. Ms. York’s response was “All venues and genders bully each other; there are a lot of stereotypical names called. Students are afraid to tell someone they’re getting bullied because they’re scared.” Mr. Pancich’s response, “Administrators are only aware of bullying if students step up and report it, but a lot of the bullying is through text and email. Student’s need to report or we can’t act.” That is true, if you are being bullied say something to someone. Ms. York was asked if she ever has a hard time getting students to open up, responding “I think everybody needs to feel valued and understood, you really have to care about the people you talk to; usually people know what they need to do. You can’t fix it for them because it takes the power from them.”  Emotional and mental bullying occurs more than physical bullying, but it usually starts outside of school. Bullying is more common among girls rather than boys. The biggest issue with bullying is drama, all kinds of drama whether it’s family drama, relationship drama, or just being new to the school. Everyone needs to be aware of this issue. If you see this going on in the halls do something, don’t just ignore it. If you were being bullied wouldn’t you want someone to stand in and help you?

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