A Look Into the Past

As I look into the past, memories of freshmen year flood my head.  “What a great year,” I think to myself, and then I remember how it all began.  Freshman orientation, a time portrayed as a time of comfort that didn’t seems so.  Walking into that gym the tension was so thick you could cut it with a knife.  I walked in with my best friend at my side; we were going to face this great adventure together.  Then he was gone, herded off into a different group, and I was alone.  The games of the day began and some lady with a high-pitched voice started to yell.  This was supposedly to make us feel more comfortable.  Then we were instructed to find our “Link Leaders” and start the journey of our lifetimes.  As we walked down the hall, I breathed in the air of the school.  I can’t quite remember the smell, but something of that smell reminded me of learning, and reality hit me.  This was the start of my career, the education I would need to further my studies and get into college.

When we reached the room, I remember seeing some familiar faces throughout.  This comforted me, and suddenly I could relax and enjoy high school.  It wasn’t so bad; this school was my home, a place for me to learn and become a better person.  As the games progressed, I met new people and learned their names.  Time flew by and before we knew it, the day was over and the “Link Leaders” were handing over my schedule.  I looked at mine and knew that I would have my work cut out for me.  A couple of honors classes were all I needed to give myself a challenge.  Leaving the school was not easy.  The school felt like home, and I wanted so badly to stay.

Coming back to school as a sophomore was a little easier for me.  The school was familiar, and I wasn’t lost when trying to find things in the school.  I was eager to return, and the school was finally a part of my life again.  As I walk down the halls now, I notice many unfamiliar faces.  Most of these faces are faces of freshmen new to Capital High.  I notice that most of the freshmen are taller than the upper classman, but there is a distinction in their actions that help me tell them apart.  As usual the hallways are jam packed, and navigation is key to getting to classes on time.  Getting to my classes seems easier, because I am no longer asking teachers for directions to various rooms.  The school feels like home and I think I’m going to like school this year.

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