Teacher Feature

As you know, at Capital High there are many teachers who deserve to be called “the best,” and it is hard to choose one to write about. But I am an exchange student, so it is even harder for me because I have another problem – I do not know many teachers at our school to choose from. But I can consider myself lucky because I have met wonderful people  – wonderful teachers who were supportive and helped me a lot. I am going to write about one of the most significant ones, the teacher about whom you could have read already in my previous article about the French Club. She is the leader of the club and is teaching French at Capital High. I am talking about Mrs. Van Dam, teacher of French. One of the most important things about this teacher is her love for her subject. When a teacher loves his/her subject, he/she will make every student interested in it, and that is very important. Another key point is her willingless to help, which is important in a teacher’s profession. She graduated from St. Thomas More School in Rapid City, South Dakota. Then she studied at Montana State University in Bozeman. On the question, “Why did you start teaching?” she answered, “J’adore le français!” which means that she loves the French language a lot, and that was a turning point in her decision to become a teacher. Her favorite thing about teaching is seeing her students speak and understand French. That is why she is also trying to get involved in a lot of activities with her French Club and her students. In the near future, she will take her students to France for a trip in June 2013 and will have her second baby, who will join her husband Mathieu and their son Hugo. Soon, she would also like to see some improvements at Capital High, like students getting more school pride and the appearence of spirit amongst staff and students. Moreover, she would like to advise to Capital High students to get involved in clubs, music, art, and languages, because it is all free now, and when you grow up you pay for lessons. So, take this lesson and get to work. And, of course, she is inviting everybody to study French with her, so sign up for her classes if you would like to learn French. I am in total agreement with her when she says that French Club is a perfect place to meet new friends and to get together with other students with the same interests outside of school hours. So do not miss a chance to join French Club, because then Mrs. Van Dam will be the person who will guide you in the exciting world of the French language and culture. You will never forget this experience!