Capital High Newspaper

Capital High does have a school newspaper it is online at There are seven Capital students that write for the newspaper. They all do an excellent job. Many students were asked how they feel about Capital High getting a hard copy newspaper again, and most of them felt that it would be a great idea. Not everyone has heard of, so we asked the same students how we could help get our name across. One student suggested that we remind people on the morning announcements, while another student suggested that we make posters and put lots of pictures and color on them. These are both great suggestions and will be used right away. The Paw Print delivers informative articles from what sports are taking place to teacher retirement. We love to inform our readers and if you have any suggestions or opinions on what we should report about, then please email us at

Semester Tests

Semester tests have come and gone for this semester of the school year.  This week students received Monday off of school for Martin Luther King Day, and then on Tuesday students had the first of their semester tests.  Some freshmen asked, “What are semester tests?”  Although many teachers give these tests in different ways, the format is usually the same.   Semester tests are usually cumulative exams over the material students should have learned in each half of the school year.  These tests are usually approximately worth about twenty percent of the final semester grade.  With this in mind, your semester test score could earn you a higher grade in a class if you do well on the test.  One dilemma students are faced with when the issue of semester tests comes up is how to study for them.  There are many different study methods people use for semester tests.  Many students choose not to study for semester tests and do just fine.  It certainly depends on the person taking the exam.

Surveying different students around Capital, there were many different ways people chose to study.  Sophomore Cameron Riesen stated, “I plan to catch up on sleep and study every night [for the semester tests].”  Another Sophomore, Chad Beley, said that he was planning to “study a little bit each night.”  Another question posed asked if these semester tests are necessary.  When asked if people thought they were necessary, there was a wide variety of responses, such as, “Yes, they give you a chance to raise your grades,” or, “I feel we don’t need them because people that have bad grades are probably just going to get worse grades [by taking these tests].”  As for the impact semester tests have on grades, students responded with varying opinions.  One student stated, “They help you a lot or they can hurt you if you don’t study.”  Another stated, “They don’t have too great an impact on your grade, but they will if you bomb the test.”

There are many habits that can help you succeed on your semester tests.  Some helpful tips for the next semester tests are to eat before you take them so you have energy.  Something else you can do is study and get sufficient sleep the night before testing.  If you are tired you have a higher chance of making mistakes that maybe you would not make if you were well rested.  If you are having trouble with the material, go in before school to talk with your teachers.  Remember, believe it or not they are there to help you.  Lastly, a good way to do poorly on the semester test is to cheat.  So do your own work, put in the time and your result will be a good grade.


Most students enjoy the time that they get off for holiday breaks.  However, these vacations can take away from learning experiences.  Vacations serve as a distraction to the student body because they get excited for no school.  A few students have shared their thoughts on vacations and how they affect their ability to learn.


Hannah Hass, a freshman, said this, “Yea, actually I forget a lot,” in response to the question: “Do you forget some of the information that you’ve learned over break?”  Surprisingly, Hanna also replied to the question, “Is it easier to recall information once back from break?” with, “I guess easier because I was tired of not learning anything.”  There are a number of obstacles to overcome once back from vacation.  One of those obstacles was explained by Shelby Beich, also a freshman: “Getting back into the groove of school again” is the obstacle that she has trouble with.


Vacations are meant for holidays and special times off for family.  Some of these vacations last a little too long.  When you have kids out of school for a long time, they start developing bad study habits and other similar problems.  Vacations are a hassle when it comes to studying, but we are willing to pay the price.

We bought a Zoo

Geordon lytle

We Bought a Zoo is a touching film starring Matt Damon. Damon plays a widower named Benjamin who is struggling to raise two kids. He feels that they need a change, so he buys a run-down zoo in an attempt to bring his family closer together. This movie deals with loss and family dynamics. Benjamin decides to move his family into a huge house with a zoo in the back yard in order to try to forget about his deceased wife. Benjamin decides to try to run this zoo and, unfortunately, runs out of funds. Then he discovers that his wife left him an investment account with instructions to use his heart when making decisions with this money. In time, the town is ready for the opening of the zoo. Suddenly there is a bad rain storm that delays the opening. Surely enough, the rain stops just in time, and the opening successfully takes place. In my opinion, this is a great, heartwarming, family film, and I would suggest it to anyone.

Talent Show

For some reason I always get to the talent shows in the middle of the winter. That’s happening now: the cross-town talent show is very soon. Right now in my school in Ukraine, a talent show is going on, and I would like to talk about it. It’s an annual show, and I can tell you about the rules of this show a little bit. Each participant of the show may only show his “safe” talent, which means that he should not suffer on the stage in any way and should not promote alcohol, drugs or smoking. That is, in this show there is censorship, which one of the organizers provides, looking at all the pieces of the show until they will be shown to the audience at the show. Later, at the show as well, all participants and organizers hold a drawing to determine the order of the participants. Then, 2 people open show, introducing all the participants and describing what they will show later on the stage.

Despite all the fun, there are several other rules of this show. All participants must follow the established order of numbers. During the performance in the concert hall it should be quiet, and all viewers must turn off all electronic devices. Also, there is a system of “independent jury,” a group of school teachers. No member of the jury shall be bound by family ties with the participants and should not give ideas on the preparations before the show starts. There is a special person, an organizer who directly does preparation work and who can give you a piece of advice or the decision on how to solve a problem if you are struggling with something. All the sound engineers and technical assistants are at your disposal. After each participant, jury shows their marks, explaining them. At the end of the show, the jury selects the top three winners based on the results of assessment, but there is also an additional prize – the “People’s Choice Award,” voted by people in the concert hall. The top three winners as well as the public’s favorite receive their prizes such as headphones, flowers, and certificate. On this note, the show comes to the end, but our principal thanks us for doing our best and tells us her best wishes. All in all, I’m looking forward to seeing the talent show at Capital High School next month.

Martin Luther King Jr. Day

Martin Luther King Jr. Day is a federal holiday that occurs every third Monday of January.  This holiday is in memory of the birth of Rev. Martin Luther King Jr.  Martin Luther King Jr. was a man that promoted nonviolent activism in the civil rights movement.  He was a leader and someone that wanted to make a change.  After his assassination, people created a holiday idea in memory of him. This holiday was first proposed in the U.S. House of Representatives in 1979.  The bill to make this a federal holiday fell short by five votes.  There were many arguments that explained the only two people ever got a personalized holiday were George Washington, the first president of the U.S., and Christopher Columbus (the navigator, colonizer, and explorer from the Republic of Genoa, whose voyages across the Atlantic Ocean led to general European awareness of the American continents).

After the bill failed to pass, the King Center got support from the community and the general public.  The idea was even backed up by the musician Stevie Wonder when he released his single “Happy Birthday” to gain attention to the campaign in 1980 and hosted the Rally for Peace Press Conference in 1981.  Six million people signed a petition to Congress to pass the law.  It became the largest petition in favor of an issue in U.S. history.  In the White House rose garden President Ronald Reagan signed the bill for a holiday in honor of Martin Luther King Jr.  This holiday was celebrated for the first time on January 20, 1986.

Wrestling Update

Wrestling is in full swing now at Capital High School.  The wrestling squad has attended many tournaments already this season.  These tournaments include the Capital City duels to start off the season, then the Mining City duels, followed by the Holiday Classic Tournament in Great Falls.  In this year’s cross-town match up between the Bruins and the Bengals, our rivals came out on top 15-68, winning nine matches by way of pin.  CHS freshman Chaz McGurn won his match against junior Chase Thurston from Helena High.  Also, sophomore Dylan Koffman pinned his opponent in the second period.  One of two seniors, Alex Markle, won his match, pinning his opponent also.  The Capital wrestling team has been struck by some major injuries this year.  Silas Easterling and Jackson Haider suffer from injuries sustained early in the season.  Haider, with a broken wrist, is expected to return soon. Easterling sustained a shoulder injury, and as of now he will not return for the conclusion of this season.

Tuesday, January 3, Capital and Helena High Schools hosted Great Falls High and C.M. Russell High for a double duel in the Capital City.  Although Capital lost both of the duels, they wrestled great and got many wins for the team.  In both duels Capital gave up many points to forfeits because they didn’t have wrestlers at those weight classes.  These forfeits mainly due to the absence of wrestlers at those weight classes.  Both seniors, Jake Bernard and Alex Markle picked up a pin in their last wrestling match in their home town, both facing kids from C.M.R. in the last duel of the night.  This past weekend Capital went to the Bozeman Invitational at the Montana State University Field House.  Overall the team did fairly well; the top placer in the tournament was freshman Alan Schmitz at the 189-pound weight class.  Schmitz placed 6th in the varsity tournament.

The team is expected to attend the Rocky Mountain Open next weekend in Missoula.  In the weeks to come, the team will go to the divisional tournament and state.  These tournaments take place in the month of February.  Everyone is encouraged to come and support the Bruin wrestling team when they have competitions.

Winter Holidays

Finally, we have reached the end of vacation. Now our lovely holidays are behind, leaving us with fond memories for the whole year ahead, making us a year older and wiser. Before researching  my topic, I thought that each person spent holidays as she wanted to because the people that I asked questions about how they spent Christmas and New Year were mostly teenagers that are beginning to decide how to spend their holidays by themselves. That is, I thought that loud parties would be in full swing on the break. But I was surprised when I found out that most students in our school prefer to spend these holidays with family. The whole family gathers at the table, when the brothers and sisters come home from college. The whole family has a good time at dinner, which is generally lacking in everyday life. The traditional opening of gifts and close-knit family gatherings with movies and popcorn – this is what is valued in the life of teenagers more often during the winter holidays. But this does not mean that they do not want to go out and spend time with their friends . This takes an important place in their lives during the holiday, as usual. But, nevertheless, the fact remains that the majority of teenagers tend to the family on Christmas Eve and New Year’s. Favorite form of entertainment during the holidays are dining with family, watching favorite Christmas movies, skiing, and sledding. As for the gifts the majority told me that the main thing is not what was given – valuable attention is more important . Summing up my little research, I will say one thing – teenagers in our school are not spoiled by modern characteristics such as partying and drinking. Good luck in the New Year!

Book Review

Review of Michele Jaffe’s Rosebush

By Kirsten Roeder

The book Rosebush by Michele Jaffe is, in my mind, a mystery. This book the audience on its toes looking for any clues to what happened.  Even though you may think you have it figured out within the first few chapters, you probably are not even close.  There are many twists and turns in this novel that you will find yourself more than likely shocked after reading this book. The main themes in this book are friendship, solving an attempted murder, and the formation of trust.

The main character in this novel is named Jane Freeman.  Her father dies when she is a young girl while they are living in Illinois.  Jane has a best friend there. Her name is Bonnie, but Jane is looking for ways to become popular. So, one night Jane and Bonnie sneak out to go to a party and Bonnie dies on an overdose on drugs. Jane is convinced by her boyfriend, Liam, to not tell anyone that she was at the party.   Shortly after this incident, Jane’s mom decides that they should move to New Jersey to start over.  In New Jersey Jane runs into a girl crying in the bathroom on her first day of school and offers to comfort her, even though she has no idea who the girl is.  When Jane finds out that the girl she helped is willing to help everyone accept Jane by making her friends change their outfits look like Jane’s, Jane ends up becoming popular from helping that one girl whose name ends up being Kate.  The mystery in this book is trying to figure out who tries to kill Jane and what their motive is. The setting starts out in the hospital with Jane looking back to see who ran into her and left her to die.

As a student that reads books often, I found this book really easy to get into.  The downside for me was that I could not stand to put it down, even during school.  I fought the temptation to lose myself and become Jane and figure out what she was going through. I highly suggest you read this book by Michele Jaffe.