Gemini-(May 21- June 20) Have fun this summer, go camping, and accidently burn yourself on a marshmallow roaster.
Cancer-(June 21- July 22) Your summer will be filled with happiness, sunshine and fish. Yes, fish.
Leo-(July 23- August 22) I’m very sorry, but you will get a sunburn on June 21st. Wear your sun screen.
Virgo-(August 23- September 22) This summer you will meet a new friend, whether it is a dog, a person, or a beach ball you draw a face on, you are getting a new friend.
Libra-(September 23- October 22) Go swimming at the local pool, and hang out with friends this summer.
Scorpio-(October 23- November 21) Go to the park with little siblings or cousins, and have fun!
Sagittarius-(November 22- December 20) Boat Day! Go tubing and water skiing.
Capricorn-(December 21- January 19) Have a sleepover with your best friend and have an all night marathon of your favorite TV show.
Aquarius-(January 20- February 19) Walk around town, and make good memories.
Pisces-(February 20- March 20) go to the state fair! Go on all the rides and throw up!
Aries-(March 21- April 19) Stay inside and do absolutely nothing.
Taurus- (April 20- May 20) Go to the carousel, and get lots of ice cream.

Bruins Track Crosses Finish Line

One of the many competitive AA schools in Montana would have to be Capital High School. Capital is known for its great athletes who work hard toward their goals. Last Thursday, which was the 15th, was the famous “Cross Town Battle of the Schools.” Alas, Capital did not beat Helena High, but we sure put on a show! Friday 23rd was Divisional for track! Most sophomore, junior and senior athletes went to Kalispell for track. Don’t get me wrong, some freshmen went to compete as well. After Divisional comes state, at which point Capital is ready to prove who dominates the field! Track had a very good season which left some of the coaches in tears. Mr. Carter, head coach of track, made a pretty touching speech at the last day of track for some. “Goodbyes are the sh$#!+s,” said Carter.

Attack on Titan

Attack on Titan, described as the “biggest anime of 2013” by Anime News Network, is now being dubbed in English by Funimation, who plans to release Part One on June 6.  Attack on Titan has gained a huge fan base since its initial release on April 6, 2013.  Over a year later, Funimation gained a license to dub this extremely popular anime into English.

The story centers around a teenage boy named Eren Jaeger, played by Bryce Papenbrook, who lives in a crowded city with huge walls surrounding it.  These walls are designed to keep out huge humanoid monsters called titans, who devoured humans to near extinction several hundred years ago.  The city has not been attacked by titans in 100 years, but one day a colossal titan destroys part of the wall and smaller titans swarm in through the hole.  Eren joins the military in order to fight back against the titans and take revenge for humanity.  The Attack on Titan English dub will have the voice talents of Bryce Papenbrook, Trina Nishimura, and Josh Grelle to name a few.  The English dub will play on the Adult Swim network before its release on DVD on June 6.  The Part One collector’s edition is available for pre-order now on Funimation.com.

Music Elevated your Mood

Lots of people have been curious about the possibility that your favorite music can change your mood.
Well, luckily for those people, new research shows that music can lift your mood and ultimately make your life better. Healthline reports that a study at the University of Missouri found that listening to music could improve people’s moods.
In the study, researchers had people sit down and listen to various music. People who listened to upbeat music and tried to change their moods could alter their moods or their attitudes. The people who didn’t attempt to change their moods, but just listened to music, were less successful at becoming happier.
Music isn’t just good for lifting your mood either. People who are going through relationship problems or have gone through a break-up find sad music to be more compelling. Also, in frustrating situations, people find angry music to be more enjoyable.

Rugby Season Finale

On May 16th and 17th, the Montana Youth Rugby Union had their Boys and Girls State Tournament in Corvallis to determine the state champions of both the girls and boys leagues.  In the boys’ league, the Helena Hooligans played their first game on May 16th against the Missoula Muddogs.  The Hooligans lost and were sent to the consolation bracket.  The next day, the Hooligans played against the Bitterroot Warriors to determine the consolation winner.  The Hooligans lost and Bitterroot became the consolation winner.  In the girls league, the Helena Lady Dragons played their first game against the Missoula Vixens on the 17th and won, but they lost their second game against the Bitterroot Koa Wahines.  They played one last game in the consolation bracket against the Frenchtown Iron Maidens and won.  The Helena Lady Dragons became the consolation bracket winners.

rugby ball
In the girls league, the Bitterroot Koa Wahines faced off against the Great Falls team and won the Girls’ State Championship.  The Boys’ State championship game was played between Flathead Black and Blue and Simms Vigilantes.  At the end of the first half, Simms was ahead 19-5, but Black and Blue managed to tie up the score in the second, at 19-19.  Before the second half was over, Simms managed to gain one more try, making the final score 24-19.  George Mullen, one of the touch judges for the game, said that “any team could have won.”  The Simms Vigilantes are now the 2014 Montana Youth Rugby Union State Champions.

Game, Set, Match


I recently interviewed Noah Strizich, one of the CHS tennis players, to give you all a quick summary of this year’s tennis season.
A: How do you feel this season went?
N: Well, so far the team has been doing well, and with Divisionals coming up soon, we are all hoping to get some placements.
A: Do you see potential in any of the freshman tennis players?
N: Yes, we currently have two freshmen in our team, Brock Ballinger and Braden Last name? who will be pretty solid players as seniors.
A: How many players are in Capital Highs Tennis Team?
N: 15 Boys and 15 Girls.
A: How has varsity done this season?
N: Well, with Divisionals coming up soon, we’re really looking forward to placing, which would be a great goal to have right now.
A: Will there be any summer practice over summer break?
N: The players can play in their own tournaments for the USDA, but no organized high school practices will occur this summer.
A: Tell me about the highlight of the season for you.
N: We played pretty close games for state championship placing and had 3 people place at the Helena Invite: Noah, Derek Lund, and the doubles team.
A: What was the hardest fought match of the season for you?
N: We had a pretty close match with Helena High which was 4-4.
As you can see our Tennis team has been holding up well this year, and I wish them all good luck at Divisionals!

Rumors of Polar Bears

The school play, Rumors of Polar Bears, was the world premiere of the script by Jonathan Dorf. It was both a quirky and unique play.  The plot was, overall, an interesting idea.  Deme (Jade Merriman) and Romulus (Spencer Lamb) along with a few tag-alongs set out in search of polar bears in the north.  They run into many problems along the way, but nothing will stop the determination of Deme in her quest for polar bears. The plot conformed well to a classic story line and the characters were well defined and fit with the ideas for a standard protagonist and antagonists.  The play was overall, a major success. One actor, Caleb Noble, said “I thought [his character, Echo] was a schizophrenic cave child.”  His parts were Echo and Ugalik and he performed above and beyond and slightly resembled Smegal or more commonly called Golemn from the Lord of the Rings.

Cowboy Rides Away



George Harvey Strait is one of the most amazing American country artists ever.  He was born on May 18, 1952 in Texas (now age 61). He has been writing and singing country music since 1981. He is known by many as the “King of Country” and one of the most inspiring artists of all time.
His first huge hit that made him famous was Unwound. After that one hit, his career skyrocketed. He had 7 albums make number one on the country charts. He is in the Country Music Hall of Fame and he also won a Grammy award for his amazing album Troubadour.   He was also the CMA Entertainer of the year for three different years: 1989, 1990, and 2013. He was also ACM Entertainer of the year in 1990 and 2014. He has more wins and accomplishments than any other country artist. He amazingly has a total of 60 number one hits.
George Strait announced about two months ago that his next tour is going to be his last, and then he was going to retire from running around the country performing for his fans.  According to The Boot, he said “I’m still going to try and make a record every year.” But many fans, including myself, were disipointed to hear that he only had one more tour left. His music will continue to amaze people for many, many years even after he retires from his tours.

I’ve got a bite



It’s just about that time of the year when the sun stays in the sky longer into the night and time for the tress to get their leaves back, but more importantly, it’s time for fishing season to start! Stream and river fishing season will go from the third Saturday in May (17th) to November 30. Of course, lake fishing goes all year, but that’s boring to sit around and wait; at least if you’re river or stream fishing you constantly have to cast and reel.
What makes fishing so fun that everyone wants to do it? Fishing is a very relaxing sport for most. Sit back, cast your line, reel in and repeat. Let’s first go over the most known fish in Montana: Rainbow Trout, Brown Trout and Cutthroat. Some of the more popular fishing rivers in central Montana are the Big Hole, Jefferson and Missouri.
Fishing is a great thing to bond over, whether it be the classic father and son fishing day, or a less traditional husband AND wife fishing trip. Did you know that on June 15th (Father’s Day) anyone, resident or non-resident, can fish without a license?